Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Skin Care: Papery Skin

If you have papery skin, then your skin is sensitive, fragile and papery to the touch; fine-textured with no visible pores; prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles.

(1) Use a mild cleanser with ingredients such as marsh mallow to help repair damage. Shea butter and geranium, rosewood, and bitter orange essential oils (EO) will leave the skin supple.

(2) A calming spray of chamomile and orange blossom waters, and honey and nectar extracts will soothe, tone and help prolong hydration.

(3) Exfoliate this type of skin with a rich mask. Oatmeal and white clay provide a gentile, refining action.

(4) A hypo-allergenic cream containing evening primrose oil to stimulate cell renewal and moisturizing agents derived from sugar and nectar will strengthen the protective barrier.

Massage Oil for Dry, Papery Skin

Use this replenishing blend for a facial massage:

24 ml of jojoba oil
4 drops of neroli EO
3 drops of patchouli EO
3 drops of sandalwood EO
2 drops of rose or rosewood EO

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Source: Home Spa...Pamper Yourself From Head to Toe by Chrissie Painell-Malkin, page 50.

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