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Easy Homemade Lotion Recipe (from scratch)

If you have taken Lori Nova's Lotions and Creams class, I found this recipe that is similiar in the making process but it has different ingredients. For example, this recipe uses a different preservative, borax, different oils and beeswax instead of E-Wax (NF). I have to disagree with the author's suggestion of subsituting your favorite perfume if you do not have a fragrance oil. I think it is better to use a fragrance oil or essential oil over a perfume because of the extra water content. If you are interested in checking out the blog or website, I have included it in the side bar.

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Well, this week I've been making lotions by the bucketful! And getting frustrated. Each batch separated, no matter how much I tweaked my emulsifying wax (e-wax) amounts. I finally realized that it was my e-wax, not my recipes, that was the problem. So, I'm waiting for a new type of emulsifying wax (Polawax) to come in. So, after taking a day off, I went back and tried a different type of lotion recipe. This one uses beeswax and borax as the emulsifying system. Good news! It works!

Fabulous Lotion from


two saucepans filled 1/4 to 1/2 full of water
candy thermometer
Pyrex measuring cups
metal mixing bowl
kitchen scale
two to three spoons
electric hand mixer, wire wisk or mixing stand
spritz bottle full of rubbing alcohol
plastic gloves either made with neoprine or latex

Ingredients: Oil Phase

325 grams Olive Oil (32.5%)
50 grams sweet almond oil (5%)
25 grams castor oil (2.5%)
40 grams jojoba (4%)
10 grams cocoa butter (1%)
75 grams beeswax (7.5%)
5 grams Phenonip (preservative) (.5%)

Ingredients: Water Phase

445 grams distilled water (44.5%)
10 grams borax (1%)
15 grams glycerin (1.5%)
Ingredients: Miscellaneous Phase

6 grams Fragrance oil or Essential Oil (I used Coco Beach Baby) (.6%) 1000 grams total

Before beginning, make sure that your work area is clean. Scrub down the counters and stovetop area with bleach water. Boil your equipment in distilled water. Once dry, spritz with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to wear plastic gloves when creating your lotions.

If you do not use a preservative (which I highly recommend), place that amount back into the olive oil. If you use more or less fragrance, add or subtract that amount from the water.


1. Combine and heat Water Phase to 176°F, cover and hold for 20 minutes to kill any bacteria and mold spores, and remove from heat.

2. Combine and heat Oil Phase ingredients to 176°F and remove from heat. Gently stir the oils and waxes to combine. Cover and hold at this temperature until the water phase is ready.

3. Pour Water Phase into Oil Phase with mixing. Insert an immersion (stick) blender into the mixing vessel, keeping it near the bottom and blend. Move the stick blender around in the vessel to make certain that the lotion is well mixed. NOTE: I use the milkshake attachment for this step. If you don't have either a milkshake attachment, stick blender, or mixing stand, just use a wire whisk.

4. Stop blending briefly. Place your mixing vessel into a cold water bath in your sink. Immediately resume blending your lotion with your stick blender, moving it around the bottom of the pot to fully incorporate the mix. Mix until temperature is approximately 122°F. This should only take about 1-2 minutes. Remove from water and place mixing vessel on counter.

5. Check the weight of your batch to make sure you still have 1000 grams (or however much you have decided to make), add more heated, distilled water if needed to replace what may have evaporated.

6. Add the fragrance to the mixture and mix well with wire whisk.Lotion will be thin. Pour into bottles. Let sit for about 24 hours to fully cool down and thicken. It can be used right away, though, so don't freak out if some spills on your hands or arms!

I have included percentages to the right of the ingredient name just in case you want to make more or less lotion or would like to use ounces rather than grams.

Most of the oils can be replaced with what you have on hand. Grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil, and sunflower oil are good substitutes. Be aware that grapeseed oil has a short shelf life so use it only if you are making a batch that will be used quickly.Alternatively, you could use all olive oil for this recipe. However, olive oil has a distinct smell that your fragrance might not be able to cover.

If you don't have fragrance oil, you can try substituting your favorite perfume. Do not use anything less than a cologne, though, because of the extra water content. Also, try your local health food store as they might carry essential oils that will add a wonderful smell and health benefits to your lotions.

Have fun! I know I am (finally)!



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(I have a profile now, please re-post, I deleted the other one... Thanks :)

Awesome Sunscreen

This is the only sunscreen I make and use. I make it all of the time out here in Arizona for my family. My husband works outside and needs it every day. My kids play outside. I have a 2 year old with fair skin.

It has an SPF of approximately 30 - 40. I have never had it tested though. That's based on the spf of the ingredients. It is made with only products that help skin repair from sun damage and block the sun.

It is quick and easy to make. It is perishable. It is strong protection yet gentle to the skin. It won't hurt your babies eyes when they are swimming. It smells really good. Like candy. Enjoy. Sun is good... in moderation :)

* 10 ounces:

Bring 3 ounces distilled water to a boil. Remove from heat and add a pinch of potassium sorbate and a pinch of cinnamon.

Put in an all natural raspberry green tea bag and let it set.

Now bring 3 ounces of coconut oil and 1/8 teaspoon red raspberry seed oil to a light simmer and add 3 tablespoons natural, vegetable emulsifying wax or shredded bees wax until melted.

Remove from heat. Ring out your tea bag and stir 4.5 ounces aloe vera juice or gel into your tea.

Add 2 tablespoons zinc oxide to your aloe tea mixture slowly as it cools while stirring.

Now pour the tea, aloe, zinc mixture into a glass bowl and start blending with your beater on low.

Slowly add oil and wax mixture until blended. Blend on medium high for two minutes.

Let stand for 15 minutes.

Add 1 more tablespoon zinc oxide around the top of the mixture.

Blend again for a minute or so.

Add 3-4 drops Geranium Essential Oil. Blend again. Add 5-10 drops of vanilla essential or fragrance oil.

Blend one more time.

Place in small containers and keep in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them, they will last a few weeks out of the refrigerator under normal summer conditions.


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Thank you for sharing your recipe for sunscreen, I wanted to share with all my readers.

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Lotion Secrets -

I love the info on your website, May I use the information to pass along to my readers?