Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lanolin Body Butter

If you are not a vegan and would like to add a new recipe for a body butter you may want to try this Lanolin Body Butter Recipe from Soap & Restless.  Last year, the author created a version of anhydrous body butter that was 99% pure skin beneficial butter and oils. Yes that is correct - 99% because the author decided to add 1% preservative to protect everyone from bacteria or mold if God forbid some one carelessly dip their wet fingers in the jars. This year she is trying out a new formula using 20% glycerin.  Glycerin is a well known humectant.  But if you only use glycerin in a relatively dry area, very low humidity environment, it might actually do the opposite for your skin, it might draw even more moisture out of your skin to reach inside outside equilibrium.  However, if it is used in conjunction with a moisture retainer, it can be sealed into your skin without "leaking" the humectant back out.

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