Sunday, August 26, 2012

Edible Massage Oil Recipe

Do you like making your own massage oils? I have made my own massage oils in the past and I have seen these edible massage oils in the retail world. If you like the edible massage oils then you may want to try this Edible Massage Oil Recipe from DIY Skincare.

I found something really interesting in this article. It was about the edible massage oils that one can purchase on the internet. According to DIY Skincare that many edible massage oils on the internet include the use of vegetable glycerin as a sweetener and warming agent. Studies have shown that those prone to vaginal yeast infections should avoid products containing glycerin as yeast feed on the sugars in glycerin and may exacerbate this issue. This was something that I did not know. It is not like I put this type of product in such a sensitive area but it makes more more aware of this potential problem.

Something else caught my eye in this recipe is the use of the term "Flavor Fragrance". I really think that the term flavor oil would be a better term to use. Somehow the use of the word fragrance with flavor leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What is your input on this? 

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Dionna Ritchey said...

The reason they are called a flavor/fragrance is because some companies sell the oils for candy making etc, and also to be used as a fragrance (for perfume, candles, etc). They are food grade and totally safe to eat though.