Sunday, July 1, 2012

Felted Soap Craft from Martha Stewart

Have you ever heard of felted soap?  This innovative felted soap craft from Martha Stewart, made to resemble a stone, makes for an eco-friendly exfoliating experience in the shower.  This happens to be a very simple project since you will be using a premade bar of soap.  I have seen this process done before but I have never tried it before. 

The tools and materials you will need to make your own felted soap: Cheese grater, Bar of soap, Small container, Gray and white wool roving, Old stocking and a Bowl of warm water.

Felted Stone Soap How-To

1. With a cheese grater, grate the bar of soap into a more organic "stone" shape. Start by shredding and smoothing the edges. Reserve soap shavings by grating over a small container.

2. Ball up half the shavings in your hand and press into one flat side of the soap with your fingers. Repeat for the other flat side with the remaining shavings.

3. Wrap thin layers of gray wool roving around the soap until the soap is completely covered. Add a thin, narrow piece of white roving to create a natural sediment strip in the stone.

4. Carefully place wool-covered bar into a foot cut from an old stocking. Briefly dunk stocking with soap into a bowl of warm water. Roll soap between hands to build a lather. Continue agitating the wool fibers in the lather, re-wetting as needed in the warm water, for about five minutes or until the soap is completely felted. Remove soap from stocking and allow to dry.

If anyone else has another or better tutorial they would like to share, please do. I would like to see if there are other ways of making felted soap.

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