Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peppermint Cocoa Candle

Doesn't this candle look good enough to drink on a cold winter day? This Peppermint Cocoa Candle was created by Dee & Debbie L. from the Customer Service Staff at Wholesale Supplies Plus. Thank you Dee and Debbie for sharing this great candle project with us.

Make sure to check out Wholesale Supplies Plus' Blog and Website for more creative soap and candle making ideas.

The Ingredients you need for this project are 1 lb. IGI 4633,
1 oz Peppermint Cocoa FO ,/4 #23 Mohogany Candle Color Block, 8 oz Smooth Jelly Jar, 1 Low Smoke Zinc Wick #23, Candy Sprinkles and Lollipop Candy Sticks. All ingredients can be purchased through Wholesale Supplies Website.

To complete this project you will also need the following utensils: Wax Melting Pot, Wax Mixing Bowl, Spoon, Candy Thermometer, Measuring Cup, Hand Mixer, Hot Glue Gun, Drinking Straw
and 70 mm Wick Holder.

For full directions on how to make this project, visit Peppermint Cocoa Candle link through Wholesale Supplies Plus Blog.

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