Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowglobe Soap From HGTV

Here is another soapglobe soap project for the holidays from HGTV!

Project by Heather McConeghy.

Materials and Tools:
fragrance oil
color solutions
snowglobe-shaped soap molds
stir sticks
microwave-safe container
melt and pour clear glycerin soap
round globe insert toys


1. For the first pour (the clear soap): Melt the soap in the microwave.

2. Add fragrance and mix well. Add colorants and mix well.

3. Pour approximately 40 grams (about 1.5 ounces) of the colored and fragranced soap into each of the snowglobe molds and quickly insert the snow globe ball into the soap mold. Allow the first pour to harden thoroughly.

4. While waiting for the first pour to harden, prepare the second pour (the opaque soap): Melt the soap in the microwave.

5. Add fragrance and mix well.

6. Add the white colorant to make the soap opaque (or not transparent) and mix well.

7. Add additional colorants to color the opaque soap (if desired) and mix well.

8. After ensuring the first pour is hard, pour the opaque soap on top of the clear soap. Allow the second pour to harden completely.

9. After the soap has thoroughly hardened, it can either be removed from the mold, wrapped in plastic wrap and sealed it with a sticker, or it can be left in the mold until ready for use.


The soap melts begins to melt at 135 F degrees. Always melt the soap in a microwave-safe container, never in the soap molds.

Always add the fragrance first because the fragrance may affect the overall color of the soap.Don't pour the soap when it is steaming. Continuing to stir it will reduce the temperature; putting the soap into the refrigerator or blowing a fan on it will speed up the cooling process.A small amount of color and fragrance will go a long way.

Child supervision is encouraged and recommended.

To more easily remove the soap from the mold, put the finished soap (still in the mold) into the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes, remove from freezer and pop the soap out of the mold. This will enable the soap to shrink slightly, making it easier to remove from the mold.

Source: http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/snowglobe-soap/index.html

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