Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Soap Labels and Soap Cigarbands

If you are looking for some more labels and cigarbands for your soaps, here are some from Perfume Kits that you may want to check out.

These are free labels that will fit a standard bar of soap. A cigar band is a strip of paper usually about 3x8.5 inches that wraps around the body of the soap, leaving the ends exposed. One can use a cigarband to wrap the soap and use another piece of paper as the underwrap. Also, we have a few full wraps that you print out, customize and wrap the whole bar of soap in. These wraps are the traditional type wraps that we associate with soaps from large manufacturers.

As we add products we will have tutorials on wrapping goods especially soaps in this section.

(1) Japanese Soap Cigarband

(2)  Rocklove Tattoo Soap Cigarband

(3) Hoshi Japanese Soap Cigar Band

(4) Darkwings Soap Cigar Band

(5) Cherubim Cigar Band Template

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