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Making Your Own Snowman Candle

If candles are your hobby, then why not create this cute snowman candle for the holidays from Wicks Wax Scents (  These candles are so cute that they can stay out all winter long. That makes them so great - they are not holiday specific. Why not give something new a try!

Supplies tools you will need for this project are a bread knife, a clean paint brush, a uncoated metal pizza pan, paint scraper, drill and bit, and a hand held mixer. You can find most of these items around your home.

First melt your wax and add the scent as discussed in the basic candle making instructions.

Next, pour mixture into pizza pan, letting it cool till it is feels firm, but still warm enough to be pliable.

Now, cut wax away from edges with bread knife and down the center.

Put your gloves on and lift one half of the wax away from the pan. Place on your work table. Roll it up.

Time to make the wax snowman! Take the wax and start to shape the snowman's base. Don't need to worry about looks like at this point, the wax snowman will be covered with whipped wax at a later point. You just want the general shape of a snowman. Just make the wax candle shape. It won't look like a snowman till you cake the outside and add the finishing touches.

Tall primitive snowmen or short round snowmen. Your imagination is at work here. Consider your choice of color too. White or off white looks best.

Short fat snowmen will burn, where the thiner primitive snowmen will not. If making fat snowmen, make them round and large enough to burn. Use a smaller diameter of wick so the wax will burn the snowman's center, not the outer edges. This is a cake candle with a shape! Mine are about 5" wide at the indentations of the snowman, wider for his body and head.

Primitive snowman can be decorated with anything you like, even spray with glitter, find country primitive decorations. I have seen the primitive snowmen over 2 feet tall. Be creative.The bases will look similar to these. Not to pretty to look at yet? Be patient.

When cooled, drill a hole down the snowman's center . Use longer wick from a role, making sure the wick is long enough for caking on top. Thread your wick from the bottom of the candle. Make sure you have a tab on the wick's end.

This project didn't use the whole pan of wax, we had plenty left over for caking. Make lots of snowmen and you need more wax/scent mixture. Only 5 lbs. wax used here, with plenty left.Let mixture cool till it forms a skim on top. Mix with a hand mixture till fluffy.

With your paint brush (make sure any previously used wax is melted and brush is pliable) gather up some whipped wax and apply it to the snowman. Work from the bottom up. Sit snowman on a metal tray to finish his head area.

Decorate your snowman before whipped wax is hard. Decorations will stick in warm wax. These snowmen are not made for burning, just smelly decorations. If I had made them larger and wider they would burn fine. Never use decorations that can catch fire when making snowmen to burn. Always include burning instructions on finished candle making products. Just have your decoration supplies on hand and an idea in mind for what you want to do with candle making material. Easy enough for beginner candle making.

I left decorating up to the gals, but the rest of the candle making was so easy, even I was did this the first time around.

Happy candle making from the staff of Blue Moon Supplies! Candle making instructions are free! When you are finished here, check out our Candle Trivia and Fun Facts.

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Never have the wax in direct contact with the heat source. Wax is like grease, as it has a flash point. In general, wax has a flash point of 300 degrees. A flash point is the point where the wax is so hot that it burst into flames all by itself. So I say "IN GENERAL" the flash point of wax is 300 degrees. I tell everyone - if wax is smoking, it is too hot. The vapors produced are extremely flammable for any heat source like a stove. Use the double boiler. Don't melt it in a microwave. Our wax isn't made for this. I like my wax at 150 degrees for a variety of reasons.

Most paraffin waxes have a flash point around 300° F. When it reaches its flash point it may not smoke or bubble, it will usually just explode, splattering flaming wax in all directions. To avoid this catastrophe, always use the double boiling method to melt your wax. Water boils at 212° F, which is well below the flash point of any paraffin wax.

Yes, I said this twice in different ways, I want you to get the message. USE A DOUBLE BOILER!

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