Sunday, July 19, 2009

Packaging: Glass Bottle Definitions


Just about anything goes in an AC glass container. Its wide mouth makes it ideal for scooping out viscous products such as mayonnaise or heavy sauces. You can also easily pour from these versatile containers products like honey or spaghetti sauce. The AC glass container is also ideal for sampling in industrial applications. Consider your needs and see if the AC will work. And, don’t forget an appropriate closure. To finish off your product you will need a distinguishing label. Or, you can even silk screen this bottle in small quantities.

Boston Round

Boston Round Glass Bottles come in a variety of colors, clear, amber and blue to fit your many applications. The Boston Round design is applicable in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and a broad variety of other industries. You can also use your creativity with this versatile glass bottle for most liquid and even some dry applications. Make sure to remember to put on a label or have this attractive container silk screened with your unique brand.


Economy jars are named as such because they give you a large amount and therefore are economical for your customer. Often used for mayonnaise, these wide mouth containers can be applied to many other food products. Or, if you like the design you can use this Economy container for a variety of non-food situations. Consider this for liquid, dry and viscous products. Remember, you’re not done until you have selected the proper closure and put on your company’s label. You can buy appropriate labels or silk screening from us in small quantities and at very reasonable prices.

French Square

French square bottles are clear and come in a variety of sizes. These have had many uses in the past, but how can they work for you? Perhaps a French Square container can be used for a food item, or bath crystals, or some type of pharmaceutical application? This also is a unique shape for chemical products that will make them stand out on the self. There are several different caps that work on these containers, but remember to make sure it is appropriate for your application. And, why hunt around for a label or silk screen. 


Hexagon jars are always an attractive eye catching six-sided container. These can be used for food, cosmetic, bath / beauty, candles, and many many more uses. When you fill this many sided jar your product will sparkle. We sell these with appropriately sized “lug” caps in a gold color. Both cap and bottle can be labeled.


What’s a “growler?” The term "Growler" comes from a European Pub term that described a wooden bucket used in transporting beer. This was used before the invention of bottles or cans. In the past children would be sent to the nearest brewpub by their father to have the "Growler" filled. Today’s modern "Growler" is a 64 oz. glass jug. Jugs also have many uses in many different food and industrial applications. Remember to select the appropriate cap / closure for your application. And, always ask us at Bottle Solutions™ how to apply your unique brand.

Wide Mouth Packer

Wide Mouth means easy to fill. These are often used for pharmaceutical products, where using an amber color container helps to keep out damaging UV rays. However, these can be used for many applications depending on your need. Wide Mouth Packers have a timeless design and with your unique brand labels or silk screen they can be a perfect solution to your packaging requirement.

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Here are a few more for the list. pharmaceutical round, straight sided ovals, and dropper bottles. Feel free to checkout our new site, TheBottleGuide, for more information, articles, and frequently asked questions on glass bottles and jars. - Thanks Lori