Monday, May 11, 2009

Vitamin E Stick Recipe

Lip and under eye protection was never this convenient and effective! Vitamin E Stick--in its handy JUMBO stick tube, moisturizes, soothes and protects against dryness, and wind damage.

Features protection with vitamin E, and nourishing oils--in a natural beeswax base.
Easy to make, easy to use.

Ingredients: (weighed)
4 ozs Organic Soybean Oil
3/4 oz or .75 ozs of Candelilla Wax
1/2 oz or .5 ozs of Beeswax Pearls
1 oz of Castor Oil
1/4 oz or .25 ozs of Vitamin E Oil
4-5 Jumbo Lip/Lotion Tube

Add all these ingredients to a small pan and heat over a med-low heat until liquefied. Pourinto our Jumbo Sticks, let harden, label and use!

This recipe makes 5-6 Jumbo Lip/Lotion Tubes.

For extra protection add Micronized Titanium Dioxide as an SPF factor. See chart for SPF scale.


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