Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Energizing Orange Soap

One of my favorite fragrances with soap is orange spice.  But it seems like my orange essential oil that I put seems to dissipates quickly. Think it may be the fact that it may not be 10 fold.  Besides the point, I found this cold process soap from The Soap Queen called Energizing Orange Soap.  The bars from this recupe smell great plus being bright and cheery/ This recipe uses 10X Orange Essential Oil and Orange Peel to give it a bright color plus the peel adds exfoliation. Marigolds are added on the top as a finishing top. Cold process soap can be intimidating. But what makes this recipe easy is that tit requires a nice thick trace.  The orange peel powder can be added directly to the soap oils prior to adding the lye or it can be added at trace and stick blended in.

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