Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Water Discounting Cold Process Soap: How & Why

According to The Soap Queen, water and lye are crucial components of making soap by the cold process method.  Water is used to dissolve the sodium hydroxide (lye) so it can interact with the soaping oils to begin the saponification process.  As the soap cures, some of the water evaporates and makes a hard, longer lasting bar of soap.  You are probably wondering how much water you need to use in your cold process soap recipe.  It depends on the calculator your.  You can also to choose to "water discount" the recipe and use less water than it calls for.  Not sure about water discounting?  In a recent post called Water Discounting Cold Process Soap: How & Why will help you understand this important subject.

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I sort of love that they used one of my favorite batches for that post image...that pumpkin swirl is so cool!