Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lavender & Lemongrass Hot Process Soap

Hot process soap is another way to create homemade soap from scratch.  It is similar to cold process soap making but hot process involves "cooking" the soap, usually in a slow cooker, which speeds up the saponification process. What is really great about Hot process soap is that the extra heat down dramatically on the wait time.  Usually the soap is ready to unmold in 24 hours and does not require the 4-6 week cure time.  Cooking the soap cuts it down to about 2 weeks for the excess water to evaporate and create a harder bar.   I took a class on hot process soap making from The Nova Studio seven years ago but I have not tried it yet.  But I would like to try it. Now please do not confuse hot process soap making and melt and pour.  They are both two differently animals.  So if you want to try and make hot process soap, here is a recipe from The Soap Queen called Lavender and Lemongrass.  I would love to try it some day in the future.

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