Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thai Bath Tea Recipe

When you are soaking in a bath do you love using bath teas?  Never heard of a bath tea  According to The Natural Beauty Workshop when salt, herbs, and delicate essential oils combine to conspire to infuse bath water with an amazing blend of scents and properties, you know you are experiencing a really great Bath Tea. Like any good tea, Bath Tea begins with a great collection of dried botanicals. Herbs, spice powders, dry flowers, and sea vegetables are all ideal ingredients for creating a special tea for the bath. Salt, Essential Oils, and other aromatics can be added as well, enhancing the benefit and allure of the recipe. 
The Natural Beauty Workshop's Thai Bath Tea recipe was inspired by the bright, fresh scent of crushed lemongrass, and the deep musky notes of jasmine. Spearmint, and Green Tea Powder help to amp up the green notes in the tea's aroma, while dense Kelp Powder, spicy Ginger Powder, and natural Sea Salt add circulatory benefits. So why not get the ingredients together and start making right away.

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