Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil

Have you ever heard of Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil?  According to Anne Marie of The Soap Queen fame, Hungarian Lavender is a velvety and smooth scent that is less camphorous (sharp and cooling) than our other lavender essential oils, and much more green in scent. This particular EO is distilled through steam which means that no chemicals are used to process it. How do they process plants and botanicals with steam you might ask? Just like with cold or hot water distillation, the steam is passed through the plant material and gathered to makeup that relaxing lavender scent that you all just love.  In her posting on Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil,  Anne Marie has kindly given a few blends that she has been playing plus a really great infused lip balm recipe.

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Anne-Marie said...

Hungarian Lavender is such a relaxing essential oil to use and it is one of my favorites to use. Thanks for the linkup and shout-out! =)