Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spoon Swirl Homemade Soap Recipe

Most of the cold process soapmakers have done or at least heard of  the swirl technique.  But here is an interesting recipe from Soap Making Essentials called Spoon Swirl Homemade Soap.  This fun and easy spoon swirl homemade soap recipe is made using the room temperature method and coloured with oxides, cocoa powder and mica. The spoon swirl design is achieved by dividing the soap up and coloring each in contrasting colours. Then, using a spoon, you literally spoon each color into the soap mold alternating colors until the soap mold is filled. The author of this batch decided to forgo using essential or fragrance oils. If you decide to use them be sure to use ones that are slow movers since you will need lots of time to get the soap into the soap mold. There is no water discount taken in this recipe.

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