Friday, March 16, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make QR Codes for Your Craft Business

Have you ever seen this before? This is a QR or Quick Response Code and they are popping up everywhere. They can be pretty useful for someone who has a craft business. You are wondering how useful? Well, according to Totally Tutorials used in the right way, QR codes are very useful. They help promote whatever it is that's dear to you by distributing it efficiently without pen or paper and immediately engaging your target audience. Take business cards for example. Craft show visitors often pick up one but would they actually keep it or transfer your site details? Most won't. So make it convenient for them to email you or email themselves your shop URL using just a few clicks on their smartphones."

If you would like to learn more on how to use QR in your craft business, Totally Tutorials has posted an article on How to Make QR Codes for Your Craft Business which originally appears on the site The Beading Gems Journal. Now I do not have a smartphone so I do have the opportunity to use this function but it seems like it would be a great idea to set up QR for your craft business. If I had a craft business I would definately set one of these gizmos up because it sounds like a great marketing tool.

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