Saturday, March 31, 2012

CREAMSICLE SOAP (Melt and Pour) Recipe

I remember as a kid eating creamsicle pops my mom use to buy at the grocery store.  To my great excitment I found instructions on how to make a bar of soap which looks like one of my favorite summer treats.  This melt and pour Creamscicle Soap Recipe was submitted by Ela Heyn appears to the website Soap Wizards.  May I suggest that if you would like to make this soap look like someone took a bite out of it, then I would suggest getting a scalloped cookie cutter.  A scalloped cookie cutter makes a great looking set of teeth marks in your soap creation.  If you do not have one or cannot find one in your local cooking store, then using a rounded edge one would look just fine.  The wrap your creamsicle soap in a cellophane bag with a cute ribbon then you will be all set for gift giving!

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