Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lip Balm, Body Balm & Anti-Wrinkle Eye Balm E-Book Just Released

Publication 25-Pages Instant Download or Printed Version

Learn how to make the best ever Lip Balm, Body Balm and Anti-Wrinkle Eye Balm!

Shea Butter Lip Balm moisturizes and helps to protect lips from sun, wind and dry conditions. Once you make your own lip balms, you won't want to buy them anymore. They are so easy to make. I discovered a way to flavor them with pure and organic botanicals; flavors like pear, raspberry and pineapple. Made with shea butter and cocoa butter that help to protect, moisturize and mend cracked lips. Lip balms are great for kids and adults.

Find out how to make alkanet herbal oil to color the lip balm with a natural red color. See an easy way to to fill lots of lip balm tubes without a huge mess, label and seal them with shrink wrap.

Botanical Body Balm is excellent for babies, children and adults. They can be customized with herbs and oils containing healing properties. Body balms can be applied almost anywhere on the body to speed healing of cuts, scrapes, bruises, sores and chapped skin. They also soften the skin. Learn how to make herbal oils like calendula oil to include in your balms.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Balm protects the delicate tissue around the eyes. Anti-wrinkle eye balm is made with gentle ingredients, anti-aging oils and extracts that help to firm and smooth wrinkles.

You will learn
~ How to make lip balms that nourishes and protects lips
~ How to make softening and soothing botanical body balms
~ How to make anti-wrinkle eye balms
~ How to infuse herbs into oils and make herbal oils.
~ All about the best ingredients and what their purpose is in balms:
carrier oils, rich butters, beeswax, herbs and essential oils
~ A great way to fill lip balms
~ How to package products
~ Resources for supplies

Now available for $14.99! If you are interested in purchasing this E-book, go to http://joanmorais.com/joansbooks/lipbalmbodybalmeyebalm.html.

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