Saturday, January 21, 2012

Using 3D Latex Molds

Latex molds can be fun and economical way to create detailed soaps, beeswax figurines and candles. But you are wondering how to keep the mold stable since there is no flat side to keep the mold up while you pour your mixture into the mold. According to Glory Bee Foods, there is a simple way to keep your mold stable. Just follow these instructions and you should have success:

(1) Trace the open end of your mold on a thick piece of cardboard.

(2) Cut shape. Cut 1/8" inside the line that you traced which will create a smaller mold than the mold rim. This is to insure that your mold will fit snuggly and will not fall over spilling any of your contents.

(3) Insert mold into cut out. Lip of mold should be supported by cardboard cut out.

(4) Place in a container deeper than your mold byt not wider than the cardboard.

(5) Fill mold.

(6) Let cool until completely harden.

(7) Peel mold from cast by rolling mold down casting.

I have never used these type of molds myself for candle or soap making, so if anyone has any suggestions to add, please share them with us.

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Soapylove said...

The latest issue of Let's Get Soapy shows how to make and use a 3D mold. I think your readers would enjoy it! The cover features soap bottles I made with this method: