Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bath Butter Scrub Recipe

This bath butter scrub recipe is cleverly named Olive Asian Tapenade by Denise from Go Planet Earth. Denise was getting together with some gal pals one Christmas for their annual Holiday Soap Night and this was one of the projects made so that they can give the gift of pampering. Just to let you know that the recipe calls for 16 oz of bath butter which is premade and can be ordered through Go Planet Earth. This base provides a great world of possibilities. Whip it into a soap parfait, color and layer, use as a base, a shaving butter or foam, a base for a sugar or salt scrub. Body butter is a luxurious, creamy cleansing product with the consistency of butter and can be used as a moisturizing body cleanser or a shaving cream. It is paraben free and propylene glycol free!

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