Sunday, December 4, 2011

Naturally Trimming The Christmas Tree

Here is something different to decorate your tree with. How about creating minature beeswax ornaments? This natural trimmings idea is from Anne-Marie (aka The Soap Queen) who posted the instructions on her blog Soap and the Finer Things in Life. When I saw this idea, I thought how cute these were and would be perfect for someone who decorates with a tabletop tree.

What is really great about this project is that if you have alot of those silicone ice cube trays like I do then you can make alot of different ornaments. Now I have another use for my silicone ice trays besides making soap embeds.

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Topcat said...

Ooh, I am going to do that too! I have some fresh beeswax coming to me from a beekeeper next weekend and was going to play with making beeswax tealights ~ this is a lot more fun I think :)