Saturday, December 31, 2011

Does color effect the burn time of candles?

Sometime ago, I was watching an episode of the Martha Show where she was discussing beeswax candles. She said that color and fragrance does effect the burn time of candles. I was in doubt and so I went to search to find out the answer to this burning question - no pun intended. I found out reading the article, Why Some Candles Burn Fast on the website Happy News that color does not factor in to your candle burning any faster than a plain candle. What really does make the candle burn faster? Well, the first thing is that the wick size is the primary factor determining candle-burning rate. If you use a large wick it will speed up the burn time of the candle. Also what it is important to know is that Wax is the most important ingredient that makes a candle burn faster. Soft wax has a higher oil content and lower melt temperature; therefore, it burns faster. Typically, candles in jars have soft wax, and pillar candles have hard wax. The longest burning candles are pillar candles made of a blend of beeswax and paraffin.

Now the National Candle Association may differ on this question. If you would like to find out, the National Candle Association has information on how to conduct your own science project to find out. If any experienced candlemakers out there would like to chime in on this subject, please let us know your thoughts on this matter whether from your own experience or articles that your have read.

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