Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentine Cupcake Votive Candles

Valentine's Day is around the corner. It is not too late to contact your customers with creatively fun products such as these.


1 lb. Pillar Soy WaxCrafter's Choice Simple Soy Wick V
1 oz Crafter's Choice Cupcake Fragrance Crafter's Choice Liquid Candle Color (your choice of color)

Silicone Heart Cupcake Mold
Silicone Round Cupcake Mold


Cupcake Base:

Melt wax as directed.
Add your choice of fragrance and color.
Place your wick in the mold.

Carefully pour the wax into the mold. Allow wax to fully return to room temperature and unmold. Note, if you try to remove wax from mold too soon, the wax will stick to the mold.

Cupcake Whip Topping:

Melt wax as directed.
Add your choice of fragrance and color.
Whip with hand mixer. When the wax appears fluffy, spoon onto unmolded wax cupcakes. If the cupcakes are hard and the whipped wax does not want to adhere, heat the top of the cupcake slightly with a heat gun or hair dryer. Then spoon wax topping.

Scent Suggestions:

You can use the same fragrance for top and bottom. In our case we used Crafter's Choice Cupcake Fragrance Oil.You can also use two different scents for the cupcake and the topping. Examples might include: Chocolate Drizzle & Caribbean Coconut, Birthday Cake & Lemon Ice, French Vanilla & Marischino Cherry, Vanilla Cream & Orange Burst - the list is almost endless.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Debbie May



Charity said...

I think I am going to have to try this. It sounds like a great project.

I was just thinking about how close Valentine's Day is. I really need to start thinking about ideas!

Anne-Marie said...

The tip about the heat gun is great! I love that you can make the frosting 'glue' with a bit of melted wax.

I agree with Charity - Valentines already? Crazy!