Monday, January 11, 2010

Lemon Cheesecake Soap

This soap will make a wonderful gift for any occasion. And it's all done using melt and pour glycerin soap. You'll need the opaque type, which is colored white by the mineral titanium dioxide, and the translucent [clear] kind. The reason for this is that to get a proper cheesecake effect with the ‘graham cracker crust', you must be able to seal the corn meal so that it isn't loose.

The amount used for this particular recipe calls for a 1 cup mold. Naturally, you can increase the measurements as needed. In fact, if you choose to make slabs of cheesecake, you can either find a round plastic mold, or a triangular mold. Triangular molds will be in at least three parts and are used by ordinary people for storing meals. Soapmakers see them a bit differently!


Opaque and Translucent glycerin melt & pour soap, Double boiler, Kitchen scale, Wooden spoon, Cutting board, Plastic soap mold[s], Wax paper, Cling wrap


6 ounces opaque soap, 2 ounces translucent soap, 1 tablespoon yellow cornmeal, sliver of yellow soap colorant, 10 drops lemon essential oil


1.Slice up the translucent soap and put in double boiler. Make sure the soap is completely melted before adding the scent. Don't put in the cornmeal at this point. Also, it's not necessary to add any colorant-the clearer the better! Lemon essential oil will add a yellow tinge, and translucent soap already has a yellowish color anyway.

2. Pour the glycerin base into the mold. Add the cornmeal. You will have to mix it. Due to the small amount of translucent soap you're crafting, it will dry quickly, so you'll have to stir rapidly. The texture will be similar to that of Farina or Cream of Wheat. You will probably end up using your fingers or the back of the spoon.

3. An advantage to this soap is that you don't have to clean the pot after the first batch if you're not planning to change the color or scent! Add the opaque soap and the colorant.

4. Pour into mold[s].

5. Put in freezer for approximately one hour.

6. Remove soap from mold[s].


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