Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joy Holiday Soap

This is the perfect bar for holiday specials. Easy and quick to make. Ideas for different letter combinations: Dad, Mom, Wow, Boo, ABC, 123. Birthday Party Favors: A single number in the center of the bar.

Joy Holiday Soap

2 oz Crafter's Choice Ultra White Soap
4 oz Crafter's Choice Extra Clear Soap
Super Sparkle Iridescent Glitter
Crafter's Choice Crimson Powder Mica
Crafter's Choice Red Liquid Pigment
3.5 ml Crafter's Choice Hunter Green Liquid Color
Crafter's Choice Hollyberry Fragrance Oil
Silicone Alphabet Mold
Crafter's Choice 9 Cavity Rectangle Mold


Melt the white soap. Color white soap with crimson mica and red liquid pigment (until desired color is achieved). Pour soap into alphabet mold. Allow to harden and unmold when solid.

Melt clear soap. Add desired amount of glitter and 3.5 ml of fragrance. Pour soap into mold until you have a layer 1/8" deep. Immediately spritz with rubbing alcohol and set letters in place. You may need to wiggle letters a bit so that any air pockets are released.

Color remaining clear soap with a few drops of color green color. Spritz soap in the mold with rubbing alcohol and pour green glitter soap into mold.

Allow to harden. Remove from mold. Package as directed.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Debbie May


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