Thursday, August 17, 2017

Layered Handmade Soap Kit & Tutorial

I have taken classes on how to make cold process soap from scratch.  I have always been intimated about replicating a recipe.  But I wanted to try to make cold process soap and I was steered to Soap Quick from Mission Peak Soap in Fremont.  I tried it two years ago and fell in love with it.  So I found this Layered Handmade Soap Kit and Tutorial from The Soap Queen that uses a similiar project.  So if you are like I was, then I would recommend trying their project.  So basically, layered soap is a classic design.  Depending on the technique, creating layers can be easy or difficult, according to The Soap Queen.  This recipe is made using a technique known as "spoon plop".  It is when the soap is plopped into the mold, which is very easy to do and it creates a completely different bar each time.

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