Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Achieve Accurate Bar Size in Soapmaking

In February I purchased an acrylic slab mold from The Nova Studio garage sale that has dividers that makes 18 bars of soap. Sometimes I do not pour the soap batch correctly and the soap bars in the corners do not always come out as level as the bars in the middle of the mold.  But I just need to practice pouring the soap batter so that it gets into the corners.  As of now I do not have a log mold that I need to slice bars of soap, but I do have a simple metal slicer that I do not have use yet. But if you do have to slice your soaps and having difficulties in achieving an accurate bar of soap, you may want to read and watch the video in the Back Porch Soap Company's recent posting called How to Achieve Accurate Bar Size in Soap Making.  If you have and trick and tips, you are asked to share.

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