Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Color Block Usage Rates in Melt & Pour Soap

Melt and pour soapmakers, did you you know that there are plenty of options of coloring your soap?  Yes, you can use micas, liquid colorants, natural colorants and more.  But did you know there is something called Color Blocks?  Never heard of them?  Color blocks are small pieces of highly concentrated melt and pour soap.  Would you believe they are mixed with various oxides, pigments and micas. They are really easy to use,  All to you have to do is simply add a small amount of the color block of your choosing to melted soap and just stir.  The heat melts the color block shavings which in turns colors the soap.  What is really great about color blocks is that they help prevent clumps and speckles plus they incorporate easily into your melt and pour base.  Want to learn more?  Check out the recent posting from The Soap Queen called Color Block Usage Rates in Melt and Pour Soap.

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