Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How To Make Natural Wax Candles

Now that Fall is here and the days are getting shorter, it is a good time to start making some candles.  Candles are great tools and a fantastic to any space especially now that the days are getting shorter.  The flickering light adds a natural coziness to your room or bring a feeling of warmth while you are reading a good book.  Would you believe that candles are easy and affordable to make?  Candles are the perfect project for craft night but they also make a great holiday or birthday gift for anyone you may know. The basics of making candles is just melting the wax and pour, you can formulate a blend of essential or fragrance oils to create a special scent. Want to learn more?  The Mountain Rose Blog recently posted instructions on How to Make Natural Wax Candles which gives you all the details on how to make your own candles.  Have fun!

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