Monday, October 20, 2014

Coconut Oil

On Saturday I was teaching a scrubs class through Redwood City Parks and Rec and I used up most of my grapeseed oil for one project.  I happened to go to Lucky's on Woodside Road and found that they sell the same brand (Pompeian) that I happened to use in the class.  It was great it was on sale so I purchased a bottle for my lotions class for next month.  But I was really surprised to find that they sold coconut oil in a bottle.  I am so use to seeing it in a jar so I was happy to see it in the form.  Since it was on sale I decided to buy it and try it in my lotions class next month.  For any of those who have taken a class and wanted to try coconut oil, try your local Lucky store and see if they have it.

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