Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet Carrot Lip Balm

Easter comes early this year.  So how about making Sweet Carrot Lip Balms for the Easter baskets you will be making?  This recipe for Sweet Carrot Lip Balm  from The Natural Beauty Workshop can be made anytime of the year and given out for any reason.  According to The Natural Beauty Workshop, Carrot Oil is packed with vitamins. The rich beta-carotene content in Carrot Oil gives it an almost surreal yellow/orange hue. When used in formulations, the oil acts as a natural colorant, tinting products with its bold color. Because of Carrot Oil's super saturated color, it's important to use it sparingly in formulations for skin care. This lip balm uses just around 16% Carrot Oil, enough to color the balm and leave a temporary tint on the lips. Like Carrot Oil, Murumuru Butter is rich in Vitamin A, making this lip balm excellent for soothing dry, cracked lips. In this lip balm recipe, The Natural Beauty Workshop used Tangerine Flavor Oil to give this balm a sweet scent, but it would be perfectly delicious if left all-natural and unscented. Now if you used Tangerine Essential Oil, you must remember that it is photosensitive which means that if you go out in the sun, your lips may become sunburn.  So it is better to use flavor oil instead.

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