Friday, March 29, 2013

Labelling of Color Additives

If you make your own bath and body products you will see that they will be either white or neutral.  But most of us will add coloring to our products to make them look pretty or attractive.  And if you are selling your products you will need to label them correctly. According to Wholesale Supply Plus, generally there are two types of ingredients that can change the color of your product:  an ingredient that happens to change the color or an additive. It is very important to understand the difference betwen the two, for both product labelling and regulatory compliance.  In the article titled, Labelling: Color Addtives, Wholesale Supplies Plus discusses the history, ingredients that change color, color additives,  and product ingredient declaration. This is an interesting and informative article on the subject and if anyone out there would like to add anything that would help us understand this subject would be most helpful.

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