Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ayurvedic Hair Cream Recipe

This moisturizing hair cream recipe called Ayurvedic Hair Cream from The Natural Beauty Workshop combines soft, creamy Shealoe Butter with Amla Oil and Mahabhringraj Oil, two Ayurvedic Oils that are especially beneficial to hair care treatments.  Amla Oil can help to strengthen hair at the root, improve scalp condition, and encourage the growth of healthier hair.  Mahabhringraj Oil can help to inhibit the frequency of gray hair, and help prevent hair loss.  This mixture has a very soft, creamy texture, and can be used to help condition and style the hair.  Intensely moisturizing, this formula would probably not be helpful to those with oily or fine hair.


Marisha Wick said...

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riki jorden said...

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