Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Body Butter Recipe

Do you love using a body butter?  Well, would you believe that it is easier than you think to make. In this body butter recipe from Ridley Family site is made with the combination of both mango and shea. But the author says that you can use either. And ou may also use different oils, though be sure that you use non-greasy ones. For an extra pampering product, or one with extended medicinal benefits, use an herb infused oil (as described in their herbal salve recipe) instead of plain oil. Any or all of the herbs mentioned there would be good ones to use, or use your favorite skin care herbs.  This is very easy to make, you just have to bear in mind that you cannot heat the mango or shea butter too much, or they will seize up and form grains (stearine grains). Just melt it barely enough to get the oils mixed in.Now, I will be honest I have never made a body butter recipe before so I do not know how easy this ingredient is to get and if by chance you are a vegan, if you leave it out will it change the recipe or not.

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