Monday, February 13, 2012

Current Simply Homemade Magazine Craft Projects

Just got back from Barnes and Noble spending time reading some of the craft magazines out on their stands. One that I was most interested in was Simply Homemade published by Practical Publishing International Ltd in the United Kingdom.

In this particular issue they had two articles on my favorite craft hobbies: Candles and Soap Making. The project I particular liked in the candles article was an ice candle where the majority of the wax was white but the wick of the candle was provided by a pink taper candle. It looked nice. In the instructions, it asks for so much wax to make the candle but it does not specifiy what kind. I am presuming paraffin. Is there anyone out there than tell me if you can use soy wax to make to ice candles. I am thinking not, but if anyone knows for sure and knows....

The second article contained melt and pour soapmaking projects that were suited for Valentine's Day. Two of the projects used flexible heart shaped ice cube trays to make soap. Then once the soap was hardened one had placed a small rose petals and the other one placed purples rhinestones (which have one flat side on them) that you can find at the craft store. But the one I really thought was cute was a flat heart shaped soap that had an adorable ribbon threaded through the top. Basically this soap was made by melting opaque white soap and adding coloring and fragrance. Then pouring the melted soap into what looked like an 8x8 silcone brownie pan. Once hardened removing the soap from the mold and using a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out the soaps. Then piercing two holes at the top of the heart and threading really cute ribbon through the holes.

So the project that I am most likely to make is the ribbon soap. When I make them, I will take pictures and post it hear first!

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