Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Glitter Egg Soap Making Project

For your next Easter Egg Hunt instead of boiling eggs and hiding them, why make these cute glitter egg soaps for the kids to find? Or decorate your holiday with them. If you do not celebrate Easter, then maybe you can make them for some other reason.

In the directions for these Glitter Egg Soaps, the author recommends using candy molds, but often times candy molds do not last as long as regular soap molds. I would recommend getting the egg shaped silicone muffin mold or the petite egg silicone mold from Wilton. You can purchase these in most craft stores such as Michaels or Joann when they put out the seasonal Easter baking items out. To purchase online, I would recommend Wilton or Wholesale Supplies Plus. If you want to make a 3D egg, just make both halves and then use some melted soap base to glue them together.

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