Monday, October 10, 2011

Soapy (and spooky) Eyeballs

During Soapylove's (Debbie) visit at The Nova Studio in August 2011, Debbie had taught a class on Sunday which I was unable to attend on how to make halloween & spooky melt and pour projects. And this Soapy (and spooky) Eyeballs was one of them. Since I missed that session it was nice to see this tutorial on The Soap Queen's blog Soap and the Finer Things in Life so that I can try it. But I am going to have to check out if The Nova Studio will be selling an e-handout on this class. If they do I will have purchase a copy. I would say that this soap project would make a creepy table scape for a halloween party and once the party is over, the guests could receive an eyeball as a favor.

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