Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process Soap Recipe

Have you ever tried using Pink Himalayan Salt in your cold process soap recipe? You haven't? Then you might want to try this Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process Soap Recipe which appears on The Soap Queen's blog, Soap and the Finer Things in Life.

Did you know that Pink Himalayan Salt is known for it’s nourishing and soothing properties? If you put it inside cold process for it’s exfoliating and moisturizing abilities. Plus salt bars have a very creamy lather. Plus it gives this soap recipe a very unique look.

This recipe makes 5 pounds of soap using 2 different molds. You can either make this recipe in a 5 pound mold or split it up into two molds (author) using the 9 Bar Baltic Birch Mold and the 2 Pound Loaf Mold. Anne-Marie really wanted to show you two different looks that you can get using two different molds.

All supplies for this cold process soap can be purchased through Brambleberry.


Sergio said...

Yes I did it.
I made an salt soap with Himalaya salt and I lovet.
Congratulations about your waonderfull work.
Regards from Spain

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I adore salt bars. Fun to make great to use but have not used the Him. Pink yet. Still playing with my Celtic Sea salt/ Maybe I could combine the two ? Hmmmm

Soap Crafter said...

Donna, Give the Celtic Sea Salt a try and let us know how it turns out.