Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stars and Stripes Soap #2

For this patriotic bar of soap you will need:

a rectangular bar mold (or other desired shape)
white melt and pour base

red and blue colorants (be sure to use non-bleeding)

a small star-shaped cookie cutter (make sure it fits in your mold)

summery fragrance of your choice

alcohol in a spray bottle
You will also need equipment to melt and mix your soap. Most people use a Pyrex measuring cup and microwave. I use a small slow cooker to melt my soap and mix the colors in small dishes. You can also use a double-boiler or a bowl set atop a pan of simmering water.
* Each layer should be fragranced. I melt my entire base together and add the fragrance.
* Color enough melted and scented base for the first layer blue.
* Pour it into your mold and spritz with alcohol to remove any air bubbles.
* When it is firm, use your cookie cutter to cut a star out.
* I had a little trouble getting the star out because the layer was still very soft.Spritz the blue layer with alcohol and immediately pour the melted and scented white base over the blue layer to desired height. Remember, you need to leave space for the remaining layers.
* Spritz again with alcohol to remove air bubbles.
* Color enough base for the next layer red.
* When the white base is firm, spay with alcohol and pour over with the red colored and scented base.
* Spray again with alcohol to remove any air bubbles.
* When red layer is firm, spay with alcohol and pour the final white layer to the top of the mold. Spray with a final spritz of alcohol to remove air bubbles.
* Wait until all layers have fully hardened. This takes a few hours. Alternately, you can let it harden over night.
* Turn over mold and gently press to remove your American flag-inspired soap.

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