Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July Soaps

Check out how to make these patriotic soaps from The Soap Queen. This melt and pour project yields 4 soaps.

Stars Mold
Slim Square Mold
Liquid Blue
Non-bleeding Red
16 oz. Clear soap
4 oz White soap
Beach Breezes

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ONE: Melt 4 ounces of white melt and pour soap base, stir in your favorite fragrance oil. Fill each star cavity. Let cool and unmold.

Variation: Add Liquid Red or Liquid Blue to 4 ounces clear soap base with a splash of glitter if you want to embed colored stars.

TWO: Melt 16 ounce of clear soap base in the microwave. Add a tiny bit of liquid blue colorant to get a clear effect (for more info on the “bluing” technique see this Soap Queen TV video). Do not add fragrance at this time.

THREE: Pour a 1/8” thick layer of the clear soap into each cavity of the Slim Square and spritz with rubbing alcohol.

FOUR: Spritz the thin clear layer of soap and soap stars with rubbing alcohol. Then pour another thin layer of clear soap into each cavity and place your stars into the melted soap. Make sure that your soap is around 125 degrees to avoid melting the soap stars.

FIVE: To the remaining melted clear soap base, add your favorite fragrance oil and either red or blue colorant (and glitter if you’re feeling sassy). Mix well.
SIX: Spritz the cooled layer of soap with the stars and pour your final colored background layer. Spritz again with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any air bubbles. Let the soaps cool, pop them out of the mold and celebrate the 4th of July with your friends and family.

IF you would like to see more color photographs of these soaps, check out the full instructions for the 4th of July Star soaps on the Soap and Finer Things.

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