Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soap Business Marketing Tips You Can Use

By Al Bullington

A soap business is a natural outgrowth of a soap making hobby. If you enjoy making handcrafted soap, you may wonder if you could turn your hobby efforts into a money making venture. For sure there is a steady and growing demand for high quality natural soap. But selling soap at a profit can be a challenge but it certainly can be done.

What About Craft Shows?

One popular way to try your hand at selling your soap is the craft show route. This is one of the easiest ways to start a soap business and In my opinion it's probably the best way to start. One of the chief advantages of this marketing method is you can put your products in front of a large crowd of people in a short period of time. With this large exposure, you can potentially sell a bunch of product in just a day or a weekend. With just a minimum of equipment you can put together a display of your goods and you're in business.

The real trick to making money in craft shows is to get in the better shows. All the better shows have a jury process that requires an application and usually pictures of your display. You can build your experience quickly with smaller local shows and learn to sell while you're gaining experience.

Other Marketing Options

Another beauty of craft shows is the follow up sales. You can build a customer list of people who probably would respond to a mailing of future offers. This is very valuable. A mailing list together with a brochure and a little catalog could quickly build a little business where you can just ship out orders without going anywhere. As long as you provide your customers with your address and phone number, you'll continue to get orders.

There are huge numbers of little gift shops and businesses out there just looking for unusual items to market. If you can sell at a discount to a retail price, these businesses will order in larger quantities if you produce enough for wholesale orders.

The options for marketing soap are many. You can market direct to spas, guest houses, bed and breakfasts with customer labels. You can sell from a website. Team up with a gift basket seller. The possibilities are many. Puzzled about the best ways to make and market soap? Need more information? Visit our site to learn more about starting a soap business

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