Friday, June 1, 2018

Raspberry Jam Bubbling Bath Truffle

If I had to choose my favorite jam, it would be raspberry. Brambleberry has a new fragrance oil called Raspberry Jam which The Soap Queen says that would be perfect for a bath bomb recipe since it is sweet, fruity and a completely delicious scent.  So they created a Raspberry Jam Bath Truffles that are part bath bomb, part bubble bar and part bath truffle.  So this bath truffle would be a party favor.  Just to let you know that this is an intermediate level project.  In this recipe, they added more butter and oil, as well as more polysorbate 80 to help emulsify it.  This means that the dough was a little bit softer which means that the bars do not crumble when cut.  But they are a bit more tricky to shape.  They suggest that if you gently shape each bar with your hand, it will help prevent a flat truffle.

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