Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Lazy Soap Maker’s In-The-Pot Soap Swirl

Photo by Lovin Soap
I would call myself a beginner in the realm of cold process soap making.  But I have to be honest, my first attempt at making cold process soap was doing an In The Post Soap Swirl.  Pretty daring for a first try but I did keep it simple...I used only one color pigment and the base color of the oils which came out a cream white.  For the first try it came out really nice.  To this date I have not tried more colors.  Do not feel ready for that, but if you are then I would recommend Lovin' Soap's The Lazy Soap Maker's In The Pot Soap Swirl.   I found the technique interesting since I normally took out alittle soap batter and combined with the color sand swirled it in.  She does it a completely different way?  For those experienced,,,,would you do it this way?

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