Friday, October 16, 2015

Midas Touch Bath Bombs

Are you looking for a variety in your bath bombs?  Well, I found these Midas Touch Bath Bombs project from The Soap Queen that might just foot the bill. This intermediate bath bomb project will give you a super luxurious bath experience.  First of all, these bombs are covered with King's Gold Mica which will fill the tub with a gold shimmer and leave a sparkle on your skin. Second, cocoa butter is added to the dry ingredients to create a barrier on the skin to help with retaining and restore moisture.  Next, Meadowfoam oil is also added to this recipe for moisturizing and a non-greasy feel.  And last but not least the combination of Champagne and Orange Grove Fragrance Oils to create a bubbly and fruity mixture that smells like a mimosa.

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