Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is a Newsletter Right for You?

Long before social media (Facebook, Twitter) and blogs, newsletters were a great marketing tool.  But now since social media has taken over newsletters maybe old school.  Yes, newsletters are considered the oldest form of news media but you are wondering if this medium could still work for you?  In a recent post called Is a Newsletter Right for You? , The Soap Queen discusses the most important points of having a newsletter and you can decide if you want to actually publish one.  I would like to add that in the olden days, you had to make copies and distribute them.  Now a days we have the internet, so could have a wider audience.  I have an example to share.  For the last year and a half, I have been volunteering with the Los Altos Senior Center.  Every two months, they produce a newsletter detailing all of the activities going on at the center.  Since most of the seniors are in their 80's, most of them will pickup a hard copy at the center or have one mailed to them.  But for those seniors who are more tech savvy, there is a soft copy on the city's website.  So if they choose to print out a particular page, they do not have to waste paper,

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