Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FREE Oil Saponification Values (SAP), Properties, and Availability Table

If you make a lot of cold process soap, you know that the oils that you use have different saponification values.  But if you are changing the recipe and want to use a different oil, you may not know its value.  If you would love to have a chart to consult, you may want to check out this blog entry called Free Oil Saponification Values (SAP), Properties and Availability Table from the Soap Blog.  While Erica Pence was writing her eBook called Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes, she complied a lot of information regarding many oils from a variety of sources,  This allowed her to create a saponification table that lists SAP values for far more oils than any source she found. Additionally, most of the oils have a very basic listing of oils.  Finally, she has listed whether the oil comes in organic, sustainable, fairly traded or wild craft varieties.  This information can be difficult to find.

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