Thursday, April 3, 2014

All Natural Perineal Massage Oil

Have you ever heard of Perineal Massages?  Well during birth your most sensitive parts are forced to stretch in more ways than one.  A lot of this stretching relies on the perineum and pelvic floor relaxing when then the time comes. For most women, this area of the body isn't used to consciously relaxing. And according to The Natural Beauty Workshop says that the practice of Perineal Massages comes in. What does this mean?  It means stretching and conditioning the skin of the perineum and the muscles of the pelvic floor which can be possible to help prepare your body for the stretching that will occur during childbirth.

In a recent post, The Natural Beauty Workshop has a simple recipe for All Natural Perineal Massage Oil and a couple of links that you can learn more about how it works and how to practice this technique. So if you are pregnant or know someone who is then you may want to pass along this information.

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