Friday, February 22, 2013

Egg Oil & Amla Conditioning Hair Mask

I thought this recipe for Egg Oil & Amla Conditioning Hair Mask from The Natural Beauty Workshop is really interesting. What struck me as interesting was the Broccoli Seed Oil. 

According to The Natural Beauty Workshop is that this thick, creamy, emollient hair mask is packed with ingredients that can help nourish, repair, and moisturize tired, dry, and damaged hair. The recipe starts off with our gentle Shea Butter Shampoo Base, an SLS-free formula without any dyes or perfumes. We start off with shampoo so that the mask can rinse easily after being used. It's mixed with a blend of seven rich, moisturizing oils, each specifically chosen for their benefits in hair care.

Egg Oil contains cholesterol, a component that can help reinforce damaged or brittle hair. Amla is well known for its beneficial properties too. It helps to condition hair and encourage a healthy scalp. Jojoba mimic sebum, hair's natural conditioner and protectant. Manketti and Andiroba Oils are extremely moistuirizing, providing dry, damaged hair with intense emollient benefit. Argan and Broccoli Seed Oils help increase snoothness, shine, and luster. 

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